Native Dancers

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The Starfeather Pow Wow at Jemez Pueblo is a popular gathering among Native American dancers. They bring with them their songs, drums, dances, and dancing regalia. The result is a sight to behold: whirling, colorful costumes, with feather, bone, and beaded accessories provide a visual symphony for locals and visitors alike.


The Starfeather Pow Wow is held each year on Memorial Day and is considered one of the highlights of the Pow Wow season. The first image shows a dancer’s feather bustle swaying with his movement during an inter-tribal dance. The singing for the dances was performed by fourteen individual drum teams from across the country. The drums provide the rhythm for the dance and the vocalizations describe the basis for interpreting the movements.


These two native beauties are from Utah and Arizona. They are dressed in colorful, traditional jingle dresses, and carry eagle and turkey feather fans. Collecting or…

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The Great Sand Dunes

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The Great San Dunes National Park in southern Colorado is one of those places that take you by surprise, at least it did me. All of the images I had seen of the place did not prepare me for the actual experience. You begin to see the dunes from quite a distance, and they grow ever larger as you draw closer.


With the Sangre de Cristo Mountains as a backdrop, the visual contrast is immediately evident. The rugged peaks of the range make the dunes appear soft and sensual.


But the contrasts don’t stop there. The interface of the sand dunes with the surrounding ecosystems teem with biodiversity. There is sage, and there are ponderosa pines. There is a perennial stream (Medano Creek) which serves to return the sand which is blown off the dunes and into the mountains back to the base of the dune field. And, of course…

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Words About Home

Nic Freeman

There are times when this big, boisterous world is just too great to absorb.

My mind can’t expand across the oceans and peaks, nor bridge gaps between cultures and hearts. There are too many strange and confronting things to voice in one breath; too many miraculous places for a single dream; and too many harsh realities to ignore.

Sometimes, often when weary, I seek the shelter of silence. I crave calm, soft places where creature comforts live in cosy cocoons. But, being young and hopeful, I’ve always looked upon such retreat as an essential hiatus before soaring forward into grander things.

To match my 2012 lessons in freedom and courage, it seems 2013 is sending me challenges of patience, testing my will and mocking my ability to find balance.

Since returning from my whirl-wind nine month adventure in Europe, I’ve experienced a journey of peaks and troughs. I’ve felt an…

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